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This solid wood table will look great in your home. The farmhouse look is an ever growing trend these days and the designs coming out are getting better everyday.


This table starts with a solid wood 3/4" thick top. The additional 3/4" thick banding runs along the bottom edge of the table giving the impression of a thick table without the added weight.  This helps reduce the overall weight of the item and keeps it from being too top heavy.


The table top is 38" wide and 72" long.  It is the perfect size for up to six adults with room to spare.


The corners have a decorative metal angle that is easily removed for finishing.  The top has a pseudo breadboard edge as well as groves cut into it running the length.


38" wide x 72" long

Farmhouse Chic Table Top w/FH Chic Base

PriceFrom $900.00
Excluding Sales Tax |