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Wood Bowl Finish is a durable oil-and-urethane oil-based finish designed for decorative wooden bowls and turnings. For countertops actively used for chopping and cutting, use Butcher Block Oil instead. Wood Bowl Finish is a PFAS-free coatingand as General Finishes strives for a cleaner and healthier environment, all future product development will be free of “Forever Chemicals." 
*Wood Bowl Finish was previously called Salad Bowl Finish.


Product Specifications:

Basic Features

Product Color: Dries Amber

Sheen: Gloss

Can Size: Pint

Coverage: 50-60 sq.ft.

Base Type: Oil 

Ambering: Yes

Interior or Exterior: Interior only

Type: Oil & Urethane

Viscosity: Thin

Durability: High



Coats: 3 coats

Application Method: Brush, roll, spray

Brushable: Yes

Usable over existing finishes: Yes

Sprayable: Yes

Spray Tip Sizes: HVLP 1.0mm-1.2mm


Dry Time

Touch: 12+ hours

Recoat: 24+ hours

Light use: 7-10 days

Cure: 30 days

General Finishes Wood Bowl Finish Pint

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