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Part of the McKenzie Bedroom Collection, the Beveled Mirror can be mounted to a wall or select dessers: the McKenzie 9-Drawer Dresser (1127), the McKenzie 10-Drawer Dresser (1128), the McKenzie 8-Drawer Dresser (1131), and the McKenzie 75" Master Dresser (1183).  Mounts can be vertical or horizonatal and both moldings are included.  Finished in Glazed Antique Cherry.


Whittier Wood is very conscious about it’s use of wood and the environment which is why Whittier uses American red alder wood for it’s furniture because Alder regenerates naturally and grows quickly and prolifically.  Alder is a beautiful hardwood similar to cherry wood.



42.5" W x 28.75" H



30.5" W x 40.75" H


McKenzie Beveled Mirror - Glazed Antique Cherry

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