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A favorite of professional/industrial finishers and OEM manufacturing facilities, Enduro Clear 1K Poly is a premium non-yellowing water-based self-crosslinking polyurethane-fortified topcoat that delivers a clear, tough, durable, and abrasion-resistant finish. Now available in a Dead Flat sheen, it is clear drying, low odor, and easy to use. Clear 1K Poly can be used on any project where more solids (28%) and durability are desired.


Product Specifications:


Basic Features:

Product Color: Dries clear

Ambering: No

Can Size: Quart

Coverage: 112.5 sq. ft.

Base Type: Water

Interior or Exterior: Interior only

Type: Urethane/Acrylic Blend

Sheen: Satin

Tintable: Yes

Viscosity: Medium

Durability: High



Coats: 3 coats

Application Method: Spray

Brushable: No

Usable over existing finishes: Yes

Sprayable: Yes

Spray Tip Sizes: HVLP 1.1mm-1.3mm

Air-Assist Airless: 375 PSI pump, 20 PSI assist air, .011"-.013" tip

Airless: Fine Finish .007"-.011"


Dry Time

Touch: 30+ minutes

Recoat: 1+ hours

Light use: 7-10 days

Cure: 21 days

General Finishes Enduro Clear Poly Satin Quart

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