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This 48" wide island is modeled after the very popular WC-18 Double X kitchen island.  The clean look and feel to this island is great. It is different than most islands in that it allows you to sit across from each other as opposed to the side by side seating on most 48" wide islands. A large door and set of drawers will give you ample storage for all your needs. You can float this in the middle of the room as a traditional island or choose to have it up against the wall and stick out much like a room divider.


This solid wood piece will last for years to come. The strength and durability of solid Parawood can not be beat. Use it in your kitchen in place of a traditional table or island, or outdoors as a reloading bench. 


48″ wide x 30″ deep x 36″ high

Single X Island

PriceFrom $1,162.00
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