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Liquid Oil Based Wood Penetrating Stains are made from the highest-quality oils, resins and pigments to ensure your finishing project will be an easy and rewarding experience. These wipe-on stains are designed to be applied over raw wood surfaces.


Product Specifications:


Basic Features

Product Color: Flint

Can Size: Quart

Coverage: 180-200 sq.ft.

Base Type: Oil

Interior or Exterior: Interior only

Type: Oil Based Stain

Viscosity: Thin



Coats: 1+ coats

Application Method: Brush, wipe on with clean rag, wipe off

Brushable: Yes

Usable over existing finishes: No

Sprayable: No

Topcoat Required: Yes


Dry Time

Touch: 8+ hours

Recoat: 24+ hours

Flint Quart Liquid Oil Based Stain

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PriceFrom $45.00
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