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General Finishes Water Based Pre-Stain Conditioner is a formula similar to our water-based stains without the colorant. Use General Finishes Pre-Stain Conditioner Natural as a wood conditioner to control blotching on hard-to-stain woods, such as maple, pine and cherry, before applying a water-based wood stain.


General Finishes Water Based Stains are formulated to provide workability similar to oil-based stains. They spread easily, can be repaired, blend effortlessly and have plenty of open time. Their high-quality pigments produce rich, dark, uniform colors on hard-to-stain woods like maple and pine. Low odor, low VOC, water cleanup and noncombustible.


Product Specifications:


Basic Features:

Product Color: Natural

Can Size: Quart

Coverage: 100-150 sq.ft.

Base Type: Water

Interior or Exterior: Interior only

Type: Wood Conditioner

Viscosity: Medium



Coats: 1 coat

Application Method: Brush, spray

Brushable: Yes

Usable over existing finishes: No

Sprayable: Yes

Spray Tip Sizes: HVLP 1.1mm-1.3mm

Topcoat Required: Yes


Dry Time

Touch: 10+ minutes

Recoat: 30+ minutes before adding stain

Pre-Stain Conditioner Natural Quart Water Based Stain

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